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Learn how Connor’s bravery prompted an incredible journey for our family filled with truly terrifying twists, heartwarming turns, and humor throughout that reshaped our entire dynamic, deepened our love for one another, and gave us all the gift of authentic connection.

This is our story. It was originally part of an article published in Better Magazine in October 2018. I updated it for Episode 002 of the podcast in November 2019 and have added to it to keep it recent. It is a summary and intentionally vague.

​When Connor came out to us in February 2017, he was 16 years old, While Steve and I were blindsided. we quickly snapped out of our shock and jumped into learning as much as we could and supporting him in every way possible. We learned that he had known since he was 13 that he felt “different.” Also learned that the anxiety that we thought was sports related was really him trying to mask his true identity. We learned that our son, the oldest of four, the high-achiever, and ever the rule follower and people-pleaser, was absolutely brilliant at living two lives. Read More...


To transform the conversation around loving, raising, and empowering LGBTQ people with unique solutions for parents and families, organizations, and global outreach.

Parents and families - personal support that includes implementing the four pillars - Embrace, Educate, Empower, and Love; through 1:1 coaching; through the podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen; through the in-depth resources available on this website.

Organizations - unique solutions and transformational education through workshops, keynotes, and LGBTQ inclusion consulting.

Global outreach - connecting allies to make a greater impact.


My name is Heather Hester, founder of Chrysalis Mama and creator of the podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting your LGBTQ+ Teen.

I am a speaker, corporate consultant, and coach, focusing on:

  • The Language of LGBTQIA+ - Never feel foolish or tongue-tied on a conversation again!

  • How to be a good ally

  • Redefining compassion and inclusion in capitalism

  • Teaching strategies that allow YOU your own process

I was the original vice-chair of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Parenting Network’s Sub Network: LGBTQIA2+ Family members, Allies, and Advocates, bringing education and awareness to the forefront.

My mission is that NO ONE should feel alone on this journey!




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