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Maybe your organization has an in-depth LGBTQ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) support and education plan, but you want to do more. Or, perhaps you're looking for ways to support and make your mark as an LGBTQ Ally. There are SO many possibilities!

Let's talk if:

  • You love what I do and want to support my work.

  • You're curious about creative ways to accomplish your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals.

  • You're curious about my properties, specific audience, creative activation ideas, and assets.

  • You care about LGBTQIA+ people (and their families!)

  • You want to work together to bring your product or service to a beautiful group of people and simultaneously make a difference.

You Have Options

Mission Partnership

25,000 (annual)

  • Banner on homepage of website

  • Feature in monthly newsletter and spotlight in emails

  • 2-month dynamic ad on podcast

  • 12 video social posts

  • Named sponsor for speaking events

Podcast Partnership

  • Primary Sponsor (1500/month)

    • 15-second pre-roll ad

    • 45-second mid-roll

    • Featured ad on show notes page

  • Secondary Sponsor (1000/month)

    • 15-second post-roll

    • 45-second mid-roll

    • Featured ad on show notes page

Website Partnership

7,500 (annual)

  • Home page banner (slider)

  • Podcast page banner (slider)

Newsletter Partnership

6,000 (annual)

  • Feature in monthly newsletter

    • mailing list is 1000+ highly engaged readers and growing!

YouTube Partnership

2,000 monthly

  • Your ad at the beginning of each video recorded during your assigned month.

  • Banner ad at the end of each video recorded during your assigned month.

  • Thank you and links in the description

  • Physical product statically featured in the video

Organizational Licenses for Language of LGBTQIA+ Ebook and Video Workshop

51-page ebook with definitions, dos and don'ts, complex explanations and more!

Video workshop gives even more detail and explanation

  • Up to 50 copies 1,500

  • 51-200 copies 4,000

  • 201-500 copies 10,000

  • contact for rates for 500+ copies

Being a sponsor on the podcast and purchasing a corporate license are just two of the many ways we can partner to create a global impact - to be the next ripple.

Do you want to reach my website visitors or perhaps you'd like to speak directly to my carefully curated email list.

My audience is very niche and highly engaged. I treasure the trust they have put in me and therefore I'm careful that the products and services I partner with are in alignment with the philosophy and mission of Just Breathe and Chrysalis.

Let's talk about your specific goals and how I can support you in reaching them!

Why Hire Me?

  • I have unique positioning and perspective as an advocate, entrepreneur, and parent.

  • My approach is one of calm, confident strength.

  • I believe this work is one of the most powerful ways to change our national narrative. Education and curiosity can overcome fear and misinformation.

  • I have virtual and in-person experience.

  • I welcome the opportunity to interact with your co-workers and employees, hold Q&A sessions, and facilitate breakout rooms for deeper discussion.

  • My podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen is in its 4th year of production and sits in the top 1.5% of all podcasts globally.

  • My first book, Parenting with Pride (Familius Publishing), will be published on May 14, 2024.

Client List


Canadian National Railways

Heather was a passionate and informed speaker on the topic of LGBTQ2S parenting. Heather shares her personal and professional experience through family storytelling and is able to connect to the audience in this candid way. Heather provided thoughtful and supportive feedback to parents’ questions and employees shared positive feedback after her informative session. ~Kallie Jackson, CN PRIDE ERG Co-Chair

Odyssey Teen Camp

I am very happy to know that Heather is available to serve as a resource for parents of LGBTQ+ kids, and really to any parents at all. Everyone talks about being "inclusive", but Heather lives it. Heather is able to accept whatever comes her way and use the power of unconditional love and kindness to turn challenges into gifts. We can all learn a lot from Heather. ~Adam Simon, Executive Director


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