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If you are in need of a speaker or presenter on the topic of LGBTQ youth or allyship for your company, organization, or event you're in the right place. I'm glad you're here! Let me tell you how I can make your life (or at least this particular task!) easier:

  • I have intense life experience on the topic coupled with hundreds of hours consulting professionals.

  • Audiences appreciate my raw and empathetic approach.

  • Parents and allies appreciate the relevant information and stories that provide them with education, tools, and strategies as well as the knowledge that they are not alone!

  • I can present virtually and in person


How to Support Your LGBTQ Child

  • Why I talk about this topic

  • The spectrum of reactions to your child coming out

  • The stages of coming out

  • The ten best ways to support your child when they come out

  • Quick tips on processing

How to Be Good LGBTQ+ Allies

  • What is an ally?

  • Facing, healing, and letting go of biases, subconscious or otherwise

  • How we can be good allies right now

  • What allyship in the workplace looks like

  • How we can teach out kids to be good allies

Additional topic suggestions

  • How to interact with non-affirming people without drama

  • The Language of LGBTQIA+

  • Redefining compassion and inclusion in capitalism

  • LGBTQIA+ equity and solidarity from the inside out

  • There's a process for parents, too!

Why Hire Me?

  • My podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen is in its 4th year of production and sits in the top 2% of all podcasts

  • I have virtual and in-person experience

  • I welcome the opportunity to interact with your audience, hold Q&A sessions, and facilitate breakout rooms for deeper discussion

Client List


Canadian National Railways

Heather was a passionate and informed speaker on the topic of LGBTQ2S parenting. Heather shares her personal and professional experience through family storytelling and is able to connect to the audience in this candid way. Heather provided thoughtful and supportive feedback to parents’ questions and employees shared positive feedback after her informative session. ~Kallie Jackson, CN PRIDE ERG Co-Chair

Avoca School District

...From introducing parents and guardians to accurate nomenclature, to modeling language to use with their kids, to recalling her own missteps as a parent, at every step in her presentation and dialogue with our parents and guardians, Heather's authenticity shone through, immediately making her feel trusting and trustworthy, and thereby creating a safe space for caregivers to share their own struggles and to ask questions... ~Kaine Osburn, Superintendent

Odyssey Teen Camp

I am very happy to know that Heather is available to serve as a resource for parents of LGBTQ+ kids, and really to any parents at all. Everyone talks about being "inclusive", but Heather lives it. Heather is able to accept whatever comes her way and use the power of unconditional love and kindness to turn challenges into gifts. We can all learn a lot from Heather. ~Adam Simon, Executive Director



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