To fully feel the human experience we have to be able to overcome the fears and feelings that we innately avoid.  In today’s conversation, our guest, Candy Motzek discusses how we are so influenced by our thoughts and the feelings behind them that it does not allow us to connect to others in a way that is mutually beneficial.  Self-awareness is key and Candy shares some strategies on how we can recognize our thoughts and feelings and create the actions that will create our outcomes.

Do not miss these highlights:

03:27 – Discover how Candy came into coaching and even more specifically, coaching other coaches.

09:08 – Listening to the words of someone is one thing but when you can watch and listen, you can gain a whole being perspective and learn much more about the person

13:34 – Utilizing the car as a way to create a safer environment for conversations to happen with your teen.

16:43 – Part of the life journey is fear and we all need to accept that it is just an emotion and accept it as part of life, not try to avoid it.

22:44 – Fear does not differentiate between physical and emotional danger

24:12 – Candy shares a technique to help you clear your thoughts, understand how they make you feel, and maybe feel more centered in your day.

27:38 – “Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and the sum of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, create your life and create your outcome.”

32:24 – A process to look at how to understand our feelings behind the thoughts.

38:38 – Helping children at any age to understand their feelings allows them to have a more full human experience.

Resources Mentioned

Candy’s Podcast – She Coaches Coaches

About our Guest:

Candy is a podcast host, author, and life & business coach for coaches. She believes that coaching transforms lives. She helps coaches get unstuck and feel more confident so they can play bigger, sign clients and create more meaningful success. She is a ‘recovering’ corporate executive and engineer who combines practical strategy and mindset in her calming unique approach.

Connect with Candy at

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