People want to label everything.  There is a perceived comfort in having something or someone identified with a label but it is not always healthy. Many today are moving past labels and want to be accepted for who they are not shoved into a box just to make you comfortable. Our guest Julie Anne and her partner, Vicente, are here to discuss this concept of labels, how we can move on from them and experience freedom. They also talk about starting the Misfit Movement, a gathering of people who are seen as being outside the “norm” for one reason or another, and the work they are doing by bringing everyone together.

Do not miss these highlights:

02:45 – How meeting all kinds of people in Detroit helped Vicente build a connection and  understand the differences of people

07:53 – The essence of being able to come across a fellow human being  with no judgment, with no expectations, and with no boundaries

12:06 – Why they started the Misfits Movement

15:01 – If you want to get to the other side of the valley, to experience a different part of the world, you would be at least conform to a certain regimen, practice, or discipline to across like the real world

15:59 – What is Misfit Movement

21:14 – We all have permission to consider who we are in this world

23:23 – Love is the most important thing that every human needs to survive and thrive

25:44 – Anger is a very important emotion that people are afraid of, but anger can be very productive,  it is telling us something

26:48 –  How expressing yourself could build a bridge to connect with other people

About our Guest:

Julie Ann Salisbury

Julie Ann is the Founder of Influence Publishing Inc and a TEDx Speaker. In the last ten years, she has published over 200 books and made over 80% of those International Best Sellers. She claims to be the world’s only Dyslexic book publisher and her TEDx Talk on “The Gift of Dyslexia” has had almost 100,000 views.  She has been featured on British and Canadian TV, The Daily Mail, International Radio and Podcasts, and conducted many inspirational speeches.  She has won many awards including The Golden Gravel Speech contest, International Toastmasters, Woman of Worth Success and Soul, Unlimited Woman of Creativity and has been short-listed for The Canadian Excellence Awards 2021.


She is the Best-Selling author of “Around the World in Seven Years – A Life-Changing Journey” which catalogues her journey around the world from 1998-2005 by sailboat, train, bus, and plane.  She is a member of the New York Circumnavigators club as the slowest circumnavigator, traveling from the UK to South Africa, Tanzania, Dar es Salem, Zanzibar, Kenya, Seychelles, Maldives, Chagos (crossing the Indian Ocean by sailboat), Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Canada, The Baja of Mexico, and the Sea of Cortex, flying the final leg from Mexico City back to the UK.  She presently lives in Puerto Vallarta with her Mexican Fiancé who is a Salsa and Latin dance instructor and loves dancing Salsa, Cumbia, and the Cha Cha every week along with the live Cuban band in Bodeguita Cuban Club in Puerta Vallarta.  She is a dual citizen of the UK and Canada.

Vicente Asaro

Having a chance to speak with Heather on her show was another step for my journey in growing. My expression of self-love to others is fostered by people who choose to spend their time like Heather, who give a space to share an ever-expansive core of our being into the world.

That reality within ourselves is the true expression we can look forward to sharing with others regardless of our bodies physical stature.“The Realm of the Human Body is a place we can call home, a shelter from the outside to our inner world, a protector to the multitude of viruses that seek to implant itself in our inner environment, a healer to the ever-changing events around us. “We are beneficiaries of our body, which gives a vessel to our soul, a voice to our thoughts, a bank for our memories, and communicator in intimacy. Our bodies deserve an environment in kind that which we can let itself heal from the stresses of the external world, a place we can bring our being for a peaceful retreat.”   – Vicente Asaro, Floatation Tank Specialist


Vicente Asaro is a Float Tank operations specialist and founder of New World Floatation. He conducts research and development of R.E.S.T (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) Tank rooms and spaces.

Studying under the teachings of scientific researcher John C. Lilly’s decertations on the effects of R.E.S.T with brain and body, and information and teachings of the nature of human interaction under John Worthington. Vicente has achieved a specialist skill in running a safe and productive environment for those who wish to experience an imperious of self-understanding.

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