As a parent, and especially if you’re a mom, you know the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for your children. But do you do it for yourself as well?  Mia Moran of Plan Simple is joining Heather today to talk about not just making sure we are providing what we need for our children’s mental health but also what we need to do for ourselves to support them.

Do not miss these highlights:

02:21 – Mia shares the revelation that led her to start her health journey and create Plan Simple

03:44 – Pulling her kids out of school to go on tour teaching people how to plan simple healthy meals and how it did not impact them educationally but instead benefited their global development

09:22 – The Correlation between a parents mental health care in order to be able to teach our children to have their own healthy sense of mental health

10:58 – Taking herself to the next level in order to support her daughter who was struggling emotionally

16:26 – Being in the present really helped determine what was needed to support her

18:04 – How Mia’s work has shifted because of this experience

23:22 – The pitfall of filling your “planner” in order to be busy and not taking time for yourself and also being present for your family

About our Guest:

Mia Moran is a mom of three and coach who also makes time for wellness—and shows overwhelmed women how they can too. She is the host of the PlanSimple podcast, bestselling author of PlanSimple Meals, and creator of the FLOW Planning Method and Planner.

Mia’s wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 12 years ago during a health crisis when she understood the power food could have on her health, her family connection, and her productivity. That experience led her to become a student of food, wellness, spirituality, motherhood, and productivity.

She experienced two unforeseen gifts from this journey. First, the practice of finding ease, despite balancing what looks like a full plate of work, home, motherhood and food. Second, the gift of a good plan.



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Podcast Transcript

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