During a recent event, Podapalooza, I was fortunate to connect with two people that right away I knew I had to get them on the show.

The first guest is Amy Zwaigenbaum, and she is a transformational stress coach. And we all know we can do with less stress in our lives. She discusses some of the stresses we as parents, especially moms are facing and a few coping strategies we can all use.

My second guest is Joanne light and she really talks a lot about emotional intelligence and the importance of developing that as a skill. We are raising the future and Joanne works with parents to help their children develop resilience and empathy to become the leaders of tomorrow.

About my Guests:

Amy Zwaigenbaum

Niche: Professional Supermoms over 30 suffering from stress-related illnesses

I am a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Transformational Stress Coach who realized that society has taught women for longer than anyone can remember that they need to be a Supermom taking care of their homes, husbands, and children in addition to being professional career women to help support their families. This creates an impossible workload to accomplish that results in stress-related illnesses and a reduced enjoyment of life. I help people break free from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout. This is accomplished through individual and group coaching sessions, meditation classes, Cleaver Fever Cure classes, and workshops.

Stress Relief tool: https://helpmestresscoach.com

Joanne Light

Niche: Parents of Tweens and Teens

Joanne Light is a Parent Empowerment Coach, mother and grandmother, and retired College administrator and counselor. She earned her doctorate in education and counseling from Boston University and chose to further her expertise through a life coaching certification and a certification in training in Emotional Intelligence. Her coaching practice currently focuses on the challenges and strategies parents need to navigate their parenting journey. Through research and personal experience, Joanne continues to pursue her passion for heart-centered coaching and for contributing to raise the next generation. Her appearances on radio shows, podcasts, and summits have enabled her to share with a diverse audience.


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Podcast Transcript

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