In this episode, I interview Trystan Reese, author of the brand new memoir, How We Do Family. Trystan is redefining the idea of family. His memoir covers so many important issues, from trans pregnancy to adoption to LGBTQ parenting. More, it does so in such an inspiring—yet relatable—tone. Trystan’s voice shines through in the best way as he shares his story and lessons applicable to every family.

Trystan and I discuss the value of “doing the work.” Using Brene Brown’s wisdom, “If my healing is dependent on your response to my story, I’m not ready to tell my story,” Trystan shares the difference in doing work from a scar or from a wound. Simple yet profound.

He has beautiful thoughts on allyship: “What allyship encourages us to do is to broaden the lens, is to use the power of empathy to see the world through other peoples’ eyes and to be open and to be curious and to be humble; to hopefully move into seeing that we are all so deeply and profoundly interconnected to each other.”

Trystan’s book, How We Do Family, is truly a must-read! Written in such a relatable way, you will finish it with a deeper understanding of the trans experience specifically as well as a greater empathy for all who are in the LGBTQ community in general.

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Remember that you are not alone on this journey!

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