The Digital World and Your Kids

Sarah Maynard is here with me today to talk about the digital world and your kids. She lays out some of the “shoulds” and “should-not” of what your children are sharing online and highlights the important fact, that once it is out there, it is never going away. Sarah is very informative on how to have the foundational conversations early on with your children so that when it comes to the harder stuff the digital world has to offer you can approach those together. Join Heather and Sarah as they talk all things digital.


Do not miss these highlights:

01:30 – Topic for today: The digital world and your kids

03:30 – The number one thing for parents to know

09:25 – What your kids should/should not be sharing online

13:49 – Once it’s out there, it’s never going away

14:11 – The effect of the digital world on college applications

19:42 – Knowing each app’s privacy settings

20:18 – Conversations with kids about what they really want from this app

21:39 – The internet and LGBTQ+

25:13 – Empowering our children to say no or unfollow

26:21 – Positives of taking a break from social media

34:00 – Modelling social media use for our kids

39:00 – Interpersonal relationships

45:55 – New question and answer segment


Work with Heather:

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About our guest:

Sarah Maynard is the founder and CEO of THE START EFFECT, a digital presence educational consulting company that teaches how to navigate the digital world and manage an online presence in a safe, healthy, and beneficial way.

Sarah is a passionate storyteller and a lifelong learner. She has worked with kids for almost 20 years and she is a children’s book writer and illustrator and digital marketing communications strategist.

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Questions Sarah is Always ready to Answer:

  • What should and shouldn’t we be sharing online?
  • How do I find a balance between being online and unplugged?
  • Why do I need an exit strategy online and how to create one?
  • What is a digital audit and why is it important?
  • What is a digital detox and how do I do one?
  • How do I get my kid to talk to me about what they are doing online?
  • How do I get my teen to get off their phone?
  • What are the positives of my kid being online?
  • Why is a ban on digital devices, not the answer when my kid “messes up” online?
  • How do I keep my kids safe online?

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