Surviving (and Thriving!) During the Holidays! 2021 Repost

December 2021 – I thought it might be helpful to repost this episode (originally posted 12/2019). This time of year can bring out the best…and the worst…in all of us. What do you need to stay connected to yourself or have the energy and wisdom to create a peaceful, joyful home for the holidays? As we continue to shift and grow in this ever-changing world, I find that it can be comforting to hear a familiar voice or hear tried and true advice just so you can give yourself a tiny gold star. Lean it, listen up, and know that you are not alone!

Appropriately timed, in this episode about surviving crises during the holidays Heather Hester shares another snippet of her personal story and gives seven strategies that worked for her. Her ultimate goal is for the listener to feel supported and like they have options and choices for working through tough times that happen to occur during this most wonderful – and most hectic – time of year!

As I've recalled where I was four, three, even two years ago, three constants stand out – I did not want to feel alone anymore, I wanted to feel validated, and I wanted accurate information! If this feels familiar to you,  keep your eyes open for information coming very soon about one-on-one coaching opportunities and free masterclasses where you can ask questions and get solutions to the different challenges! 

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Remember that you are not alone on this journey!  

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