Self Care – The Ultimate Plan for Taking Care of YOU!

008 – In this episode, Heather Hester discusses the importance of self-care. While massages, mani/pedis, time with friends, and exercise are all beautiful self-care strategies, Heather uses this episode to dive deep into the "whys" and "hows" of a well-rounded self-care plan. She talks about aligning the following areas:

* Physical Health
* Fitness
* Relationships
* Career
* Finances
* Mental Health
* Spirituality

Self-care is important for everyone but can be especially valuable during difficult or uncertain times. Heather discusses how self-care became vitally important as she and her husband supported Connor as he struggled with anxiety and depression as well as impulse control and dangerous behavior. She learned that she had to separate herself enough so that every minute wasn't a crisis, and sometimes remove herself altogether to refill her cup so to speak.

Essentially, self-care is putting on your own oxygen mask before you assist those around you – you can only help others when you are the best version of yourself!

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