Raising Hell – An Interview with Julie Ferwerda

018 – In this episode, Heather interviews Julie Ferwerda, researcher and author of Raising Hell – Christianity's most controversial doctrine put under fire. This is an absolute must-hear if you've ever questioned the existence, possibility, or reality of Hell.

As parents, allies, and advocates of LGBTQ kids, teens, and young adults, if we've been raised in any kind of religion, one of the first fearful thoughts that pop in our heads when our kids come out is – are they going to hell?? And for all of the LGBTQ listeners, this fear is likely times a thousand!

Julie spent well over a year researching the Greek and Hebrew texts and interviewing dozens of experts to offer "compelling evidence historically, philosophically, and scripturally as to why the doctrine of hell is the biggest and most damaging deception of the modern church."

Here are the links for this episode:
Book – Raising Hell
Julie's website
Spiritual Terrorism by Boyd Purcell

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