Protect Your Energy!

014 – In this episode, Heather Hester returns to basics and discusses ways to protect your energy no matter what may be going on around you – a pandemic, a crisis with your child, or just the usual day to day ups and downs of raising teenagers!

Heather first looks at identifying the different ways your energy gets sapped, and then details tips and tools for strengthening your reserves and protecting them.

This resource lists five tools to help you "fill your cup" and keep it full.

This article explains the science behind visualization.

Here are five of Heather's current favorite affirmations (adapted from a Gabby Bernstein meditation that she loves):
1. All is well.
2. I am open to creative solutions.
3. I am guided. I am protected. I am loved. I am safe.
4. I move through my day with grace, wisdom, and light.
5. I choose to see joy.

Freedom from fear (Heather)
Positive Energy (Gabby Bernstein)

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