015 – Soul Not Skin – An Interview with Jen Slumac

In this episode, Heather Hester interviews Jen Slumac, author of Soul Not Skin. She is a mentor, educator, performer, and producer, and is known as a hope dealer. 

"…care about ourselves, cherish ourselves, and learn how to honor other people's journey…"

Jen is in long term recovery from alcoholism, a coping mechanism she used to survive as a queer woman in a world that told her she didn't belong. Her captivating storytelling exudes, as well as inspires, courage.

Jen's website is filled with incredible resources, and her new podcast, Just Say It, is raw, vulnerable, and real. Jen is truly engaging and refreshingly no BS!

She will also be doing virtual healing circles with Susan Cottrell (episodes 11 and 12), so be sure to check those out!

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