To all of my beautiful and strong readers, listeners, followers and friends,

I know we are in a time of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is super uncomfortable. Frankly, it flat out sucks. Many of us have our kids home from school for at least three weeks, or are in the process of bringing them home from college for an undetermined amount of time; we may be working from home, or our spouses are now working from home; we’re trying to stock our homes with items we need without going overboard (can someone please explain the toilet paper crisis?); we’re looking for reliable sources of information, proceeding with cautious vigilance, and working to keep an atmosphere of calm, routine, and love in our homes. It’s a lot!

Many of you are also in various stages of supporting your child through the coming out process and/or mental health struggles such as anxiety or depression. You are working really hard, as is your child! The added stress of all of this may have you feeling ungrounded and with and empty cup.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve about had it with the hysteria and misinformation peppering me from all directions 24-hours a day. So, I decided to put together a comprehensive, fact-based calming plan that we all can implement.

Remember this is Impermanent

First, I want to remind you of my favorite of Connor’s tattoos, the word “impermanent” (anyone else appreciate the irony?!) Anyway, recognizing impermanence at a time like this is super important. Yes, we are uncomfortable, there are a lot of unknowns, it is hard to discern truth, and people are sick. But this current state will not remain. COVID-19 will move through. Our kids will go back to school and we will go back to work. Most importantly, we will learn valuable lessons, and move forward with wisdom.

Arm Yourself with Facts

Second, I want to share with you the most fact-based, comprehensive information I have found on both understanding COVID-19 as well as preventing it and treating it. For more information you can check out this website

Ground Yourself in Your Spiritual Practice

Third, I want to encourage you to lean into your faith and spiritual practice. Whatever your belief system is, lean on it for strength, hope, grounding, and peace. Pray, meditate, practice yoga, go for a walk, find one thing every day you are grateful for – each of these will help center you and give you a sense of calm. Being present and reassuring our kids that they are safe is the number one most important thing we can do right now.

I am a huge fan of Gabby Bernstein, and she has been posting daily meditations and calming techniques on Instagram and Facebook. Everything she shares is easy to implement as well as to teach to your kids. For instance, today she taught a tapping technique that calms the nervous system – super easy AND it works! These are especially helpful if you have a kid who is anxious or does not do well with all of this uncertainty!

Please feel free to reach out with comments or questions. Remember to just breathe. Sending all of you so much light and love!

xoxo, Heather

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